Toyocity – Surfer Dudes

Our client Toyocity was launching a new product into the beach and surf industry, called “Surfer Dudes.”

They were looking for a fast solution to be able to add video to a number of different displays, shelves, and venues
for a series of travelling trade shows throughout Florida.

Clegg POP was able to ship within one week, two 18.5” LCD screens, with all accessories, so that CleggPOP’s video players
might be retro-fit into their 6 foot tall displays, angled downward for easiest viewing, and using a motion sensor to change from
a looping video to new product videos.

We also worked with Toyocity to build a series of smaller, 7” LCD players, battery powered…that they could insert into a number
of shelf units created for the trade shows…again, within a week’s notice.

Surfer Dudes made such a splash at the first two trade shows, that Toyocity came back to CleggPOP with its first re-order
of 18.5” & 7” LCD video screens; and has begun talking with our designers about the next 2.0 versions of video shelf units, in adaptable, self-contained, plastic –molded housings for their Retail roll out.