CleggPOP has the slogan, “If you can Conceive it, CleggPOP can Engineer & Produce It!” And in some ways, this is the best description of what CleggPOP offers its clients every day…for over 25 years now, we have collaborated on your projects and worked with you to find solutions to extend the reach, influence, power, and interactivity of your displays, thereby helping your clients to sell more at the Point-of-Purchase. By incorporating Audio, Lights, Video, LCD screens, Countdown clocks, Motors, 3-D paper designs, and more…we cut through the clutter, extend the reach of your campaign’s calls-to-action, and get customers interacting with your Displays and your client’s Products!

CleggPOP prides itself on the work we do applying new technologies, designing on front end projects, prototyping ideas into mockups and mini-displays, manufacturing in the most cost effective ways and places, and having the expertise needed for shipping and logistics. It is very rare you will get this from another supplier, and you will almost never get this “Concept to Completion” capability from brokers, on line sources, or Asian factories.

We have the resources and personnel to offer you the widest range of design, tech, quoting and sampling of products in the Display Company industry! Stock quotes can be created in 1-2 hours; Custom quotes and applications in 24-48 hours depending on complexity; Sample products Fed Exd in one day if needed; and Custom technologies or Custom housings designed, assembled and shipped in 3-5 days.

Clegg POP has in its domestic inventory, available to ship within 1-5 work days…Audio modules and Voice Boxes, Optiflash LEDs, Countdown clocks, MP3 players, some Compact Video players and some LCD screens, depending on size. Call us…if it’s an emergency or a last minute request, we can offer solutions across any of the standard technologies!

Yes…although founded in 1990 as solely a Component/Electronic tech supplier to the temporary & corrugated Display industry, over the past 25 years we have been asked by our clients to support and simplify their work and assembly needs, by building a variety of housings, covers, enclosures, shelves…from a myriad of substrates, such as paper stock, corrugate, plastic molded, plastic extruded, wood, wire, acrylic, and ceramic materials. “If you can Conceive it, CleggPOP can Engineer & Produce It!”

We work with you to achieve the client’s goals and needs. Most of our technologies are battery-driven, so we have become experts at advising your non-AC power needs with button cells, AA, or D pack batteries. Historically, most of our campaigns are in store between 4 and 12 weeks…but we have done economy campaigns on shelf for just 1 week, and extended-play campaigns in-store for a year or years. We also offer AC power capabilities when that source is available to you and your clients.

As we described in our opening mission statement, CleggPOP prides itself on conceiving, designing, engineering, and producing Value-Added, Electronic advertising and marketing with In-Store, Shopper Marketing applications.

So we offer you our entire CleggPOP TEAM…our audio engineers, our LED and Ribbon Lighting Technicians, our LCD screen experts and video/digital producers, our product support personnel, our US and Asian-based tech & operations teams, our Customer Service operators, our project-centered Sales Team, and our 25 years of Managers and Family-Run Owners.

CleggPOP is a full-service POP design & tech agency here to offer you all that we have experienced, produced, become and ARE NOW after a quarter-century of service to you & your clients!

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