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Clegg Compact Video Players


New Product for 2015, please call your regional sales person, or CleggPOP at 216-235-3060 to discuss options, sizes, specs, samples and pricing.

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Screen Sizes
1.8” * 2.4” * 4.3” * 7” screens

– 2.4″ TFT Screen w/ 23mm speaker
– LCD Resolution: 320×240
– one Push Button video play activation
– Front OptiFlasher LED for attracting passer-by
– Up to 4000-4500 activations for 20 secs video play per battery recharge
– super low current consumption for 8-10 month shelf life per battery recharge
– 128MB internal memory capacity enough for video up to 10 minutes playing
– flip up mounting clip supplied for easy installation onto the any shelf for promotion
– double adhesive foam tape on the back of unit for attaching unit to wherever convenient
– custom boot up loading screen for branded promotion
– custom face label to cater to any special promotional campaign