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CleggPOP 7.0″ Media Player (Closed Frame)



– 7.0“ IPS LCD with resolution 1024×600
- Audio L/R output for speaker 1W, 8Ω
– Power on auto play function
– 6 button inputs for video play triggering
– PIR motion sensor support (optional PIR module required) – SDCard and USB flash drive support for content storage
– Volume up/down rotary dial adjustable
– IR receiver built-in works with optional remote control
– Power On/Off switch
– 12V AC adapter


Product Specifications

Items Description Functions
         1  Power on/off switch  Turn on/off the player power
         2  DC power jack  For 12V 1A AC adapter, 5.5mm barrel jack
         3  Battery Pack connector  N/A
           Volume control Rotary dial adjustment
         5  USB-A Port  Allows for USB flash drive content launch and supply power
         6  Mini USB Port  N/A
         7  SDCARD  SD/SDHC
         8  Speaker output L/R Channel, 2PIN connecotor
         9  Button Inputs To play video file 00-05; 4PIN JST PH2.0
         10  Motion Sensor Input To play video file 06; 3PIN JST PH2.0
         11  Audio Format  mp3
         12  Video Format .mov (1920×1080 @10000kbps recommended)