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Clegg Standard MP3 Player

New Product for 2015, please call your regional sales person, or CleggPOP at 216-235-3060 to discuss options, sizes, specs, samples and pricing.



– MP3 playing device with 3 stereo 3.5mm outputs
– 1 speaker output @2W 8ohm
– Supports SDCARD memory up to 32GB (recommended Class 4)
– Micro USB for memory content upgrade and firmware refresh
– USB Type A for 5V output to speaker
– support 6V battery (1.5V x 4) operation with JST PH2.5 connector – 5 push button with LED for control
– one on/off switch for battery on-off control
– 4 mounting screw holes for mounting
– Dimension: 3.2” x 3.2” board
– 100 songs


Product Specifications

Items Description Specifications Conditions
         1  Operating Temperature  -10C ~ 50C
         2  DC Input voltage  5V+/-10%
         3  Battery input voltage  3.3-6.5V
           Operating current  <100mA headset output only
         5  Standby current  <10mA in power saving stop mode
         6  Audio Headset output  +/-0.5V  32 ohm
         7  Audio Headset socket type  4 – contact type  Stereo
         8  Speaker output  2W
         9  USB type A output  5V,1A  with adapter input 5V, 1.5A
         10  number of keys input available  5
         11  Button control connector type  4 pin JST  PH2.0
         12  Battery connector type  3 pin JST  PH2.5
         13  Board Size  3.5″x4.5″  for reference only
         14  Power Jack dimension  5.5*2.1*11mm  Barrel type jack and socket
         15  Power adapter, DC – center positive  5V 1.5A  current